Our Objectives

The Objectives of WHA

Deliver Qaulity and Affordability: To provide a top class education for all our students at a competitive price.

Empower Your Child : To mould children into well-educated, disciplined improve themselves and their nation.

Develop Self-motivated Students: So that they will continue to learn, grow and improve throughout their lives.

Provide a Rounded Education: To expand children's abilities through extra - curricular activites such as spots, dance, music and art so that they develop as well roundeed, happy, positive and strong adults. 

Make socially responsible: Making socially aware by involving students in social organizations.
WHA is guided by the Nepali National Curriculum leading to the SLC. For Nepal to develop into a strong, competitive nation, its people must be well-educated, disciplined, hard working and self reliant. The WHA will provide  your child a sound education, which develops creativity. practicality, curiosity, experimentation and problem solving skills.

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